Becca Stevens

Hey I'm Becca

I’m a vegan Personal Trainer from Surrey, UK. I have a passion for functional fitness, healthy food and being outdoors.

I’m a Sports Science student at the University of Birmingham.

I’ve always been active, from bike rides with my dad as a kid or long-distance running as a teenager. Now, I focus more on weightlifting, yoga and functional fitness training.

I workout around 6 times per week, usually HIIT plus a few strength sessions and a swim or yoga. My favourite workouts are high-intensity sessions, using weights and bands for muscle stimulation.

I turned vegan in 2017 to help reduce the environmental impact of my diet. I also wanted to improve my health, as I struggle with IBS. My IBS improved after cutting out animal products and so I stuck with the diet. I still slip up every now and then, but balance is key.

I hope that this blog will help direct you to the next step in your fitness journey, so you can love fitness as much as I do!